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The Rorex GroupThe Rorex Group is an elite executive search firm with divisions focused on the financial services industry and the engineering/IT industry.   








For the Career Seekers we offer:

  • CAREER PLACEMENT – Let us help you make the perfect connection at no charge to you.  We recruit for a number of large institutions as well as smaller regional firms throughout the US.  We can assess your experience, personality, and goals to match you with the perfect employer enabling your career to grow and flourish.  Our clients pay a fee to bring them highly talented, qualified professionals making this service free to you.

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  • RESUME WRITER – Have you ever wondered why you did not get a call back on a position for which you applied?  Could it be that your resume does not stand out from the crowd?  Let the professionals help you with your resume.  We see hundreds of resumes every day and we know what catches the eye of potential hiring managers.  For a small fee our staff resume consultants can bring out the best in your resume.  We will make sure that your experience, talent, and skills are presented in a concise and professional manner.  We will help you to produce a resume sure to catch the eye of potential employers.

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Potential Clients:

  • EXECUTIVE SEARCH – If you are a company looking to grow your sales force, management or support staff and you need to supplement your own recruiting efforts with one of the top recruiting firms in the industry, please contact us.  Let us show you how we create great client experiences one candidate at a time.   

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Resume Writer
Let the experts do the work.  You have worked hard to achieve your goals now let us help you write a powerful resume that gets you noticed.

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