The Applicant Process






Applicant Process

  1. Send us your resume
  2. Screening – Our experts will run a pre-screen on your resume and match you up with a handful of the best career options for you based on the experience level outlined in your resume.
  3. Qualifying – You will be contacted by an executive recruiter for an in-depth telephone interview which will reveal the best possible career/company match for you.
  4. Submission – A Candidate Submission Document (CSD) will be created during your conversations with our executive recruiter.  The CSD is presented to the hiring manager and your interview process with the potential employer is initiated.
  5. Candidate Follow-up - Our expert recruiters will stay in touch with both you and the hiring managers throughout the hiring process providing feedback and helping schedule appointments if necessary.   Our professionals are always available to help you at any point in the process.
  6. Closing the Deal–Our executive recruiters are also skilled and trained in salary negotiation and are more than happy to assist you should salary negotiation assistance be needed.

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